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Muay Thai Gloves

Buy Genuine Cowhide Leather Muay Thai Gloves in Australia

Erax Sports Australia boasts an impressive range of Muay Thai gloves crafted from state-of-the-art materials. Made from 100% leather, our gloves are rendered for superb-quality and built to last. These first-grade products provide a great range of motion and flexibility, allowing you to grip and grab your opponent with ease and giving you the necessary dexterity to allow for clinch work.

Enhance your performance with cutting-edge Muay Thai gloves

Make the best investment for your athletic career with Erax Sports Australia. Our passion for the industry means you can trust that our products are designed to give you your best performance yet. Whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years, Erax fitness and training equipment promises to give you the support you need to continue advancing your fighting performance and refining your technique.

No matter your specific requirements, you’ll be able to find a pair of gloves to suit with our online store. The Erax range includes gloves that feature a soft design, memory foam and gel enforcement for maximum cushioning and knuckle and hand protection. Each of our products promises high workmanship standards, ultimate comfort and ultra-sharp precision. Buy a pair of genuine cowhide leather Muay Thai gloves at a highly competitive price today, and get the most out of your athletic journey.

Stock up on a wide range of Muay Thai gear from Erax Sports Australia today

Our online store based in Melbourne ships right across the country for your convenience. Browse the extensive selection today and find the perfect Muay Thai gear online to complement your training regime and competition performance. For assistance in choosing sizes, please contact Erax by phoning 0476 722 733 or emailing We guarantee fast and free delivery directly to your door.