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Number-One Choice of MMA Gear in Australia

Advancing your MMA abilities begins with choosing the right gear for your needs. Erax Sports Australia provides a wide range of MMA gear to help fighters enhance their performance. Our online store is built to cater to MMA athletes of all levels, all skills and all ages. From adults to kids’ gear, Erax products are designed to promote an elite experience for passionate and dedicated fighters in Australia.

Invest in your performance with state-of-the-art equipment and protection gear

Erax MMA hand wraps, shin brace pads and gloves are designed for ultimate protection against injuries. Keep your hands, wrists, knuckles, shins and legs safeguarded against impact energy while still allowing plenty of mobility for free-range movement. These products have also been crafted for a firm and secure fit, keeping you comfortable and protected while training or competing.

Equipping yourself with the highest-quality gear is the first step towards building upon your MMA skills. Erax Sports Australia’s MMA warehouse is stocked with all the necessary training and fitness gear to assist your athletic performance. We ensure to only offer our customers products that will stand the test of time: all MMA gear featured on the Erax website is manufactured from cutting-edge materials using advanced technology. As such, you can entrust that when you invest in an Erax product, you are getting the best value for money.

Order your MMA gear in Melbourne today for fast delivery throughout Australia

Browse through Erax’s online store for flawless fighting gear that is 100% genuine and extremely durable. All products promise to aid and enhance your performance for years to come, helping you to continue and advance your MMA journey. If you would like further information about any of the items you see or need guidance in selecting the right size for the perfect fit, please call 0476 722 733 or email

Place your order today and we will ship your products straight to your door, free of charge, no matter where you are in Australia. For the ultimate in MMA gear, choose Erax Sports Australia every time.