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The Toughest MMA Gloves in Australia

Investing in the right gloves for MMA is critical to your performance. A good-quality glove will provide the necessary hand, finger and wrist protection to safeguard you from injuries, while also giving you the mobility and flexibility needed for free movement and extension. Furthermore, your gloves should be comfortable, firmly fitted to your hands, and highly durable to sustain the toughest and most gruelling circumstances.

Erax Sports Australia has invested in an MMA glove that ticks all the necessary boxes. Our MMA gloves are manufactured with the end goal in mind – they are created with high-tech padding, they’re nice and lightweight, and the fingers are separated to enable open movement and the ability to grip your opponent. Furthermore, the extended knuckle padding makes Erax MMA gloves ideal for both training and competition purposes, making them a conveniently versatile investment.

Buy MMA gloves online for free delivery to your door

Purchase your MMA sparring gloves and competition gloves from Erax Sports Australia and we’ll ship them to you, free of charge. We also sell a wide range of MMA gear for all purposes, helping aspiring MMA athletes across the country to improve their training and performance. Place your online order today, or get in touch to discuss the best option for your fitness and training needs – simply call 0476 722 733 or email

Make sure you’re investing in the right MMA gear for optimal performance and safety

Enhance your fighting technique with the best MMA products on the Australian market. Erax Sports Australia understands the intricacies of this industry and is dedicated to catering to aspiring athletes across the country. Invest in fitness and training gear that has been manufactured using the highest-quality material to ensure superb standards and lifelong support.