Are you looking to start training but don’t know where to buy quality boxing and MMA gear? You have landed at the right page! We have got the best answer for you, it is ERAX.At ERAX, we are committed to providing the finest Boxing, MMA and fitness gear and clothing to meet the demand of the new generation today and in the future.


We at ERAX are bound to help beginners follow their passion and start training either for Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai combat sports. The ERAX gear is made from 100% cow hide leather to ensure world class protection along with the highest level of comfort. You can choose your desired product on our website at reasonable discounted rates and get them delivered at your doorstep with a 14-day full refund guarantee.

If you plan to start training, then there are a few key points you need to keep in mind:

ERAX Clothing:

Is there anything worse than getting yourself mentally prepared to train only to find out that your favorite gym shorts or shirt needs a laundry? Well, obviously, there is nothing worse than getting up and going for training in stinking used clothes. Hence, it is extremely important to keep at least two to three extra pairs of fresh training shorts and shirts ready at all times for training.

ERAX Boxing and MMA Gloves:

If you are looking to get better in MMA, then there is nothing more important than realizing that your hands are your main weapon. Injury free hands will only help you take control over your opponent. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to protect your hands with good quality leather MMA gloves in order to minimize conceivable injury. ERAX’s special 100% cowhide leather boxing and MMA gloves are the best to keep you injury free and guarantee maximum protection.

ERAX Shin Protector:

When it comes to MMA, the shin is the most vulnerable and the most exposed bone in the human body given the extreme nature and difficulty of the sport. A good quality shin guard not only ensures maximum damage control, it can also help avoid broken or fractured bones. So, it is highly recommended that you use shin pads that have a hard exterior and a soft interior to ensure both comfort and protection of the highest standard.

ERAX Groin Protector:

Like all other combat sports out there, a groin protector is as important as the head gear because not only does it provide maximum comfort, it can also prevent fatal injuries. So, like all other protectors, it is highly recommended that the trainee should wear such a groin protector that sticks in its place.

All these products are readily available at ERAX. So come and grab the state of the art equipment today!

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